Where Do You Get the Surf Board in Pokemon Sapphire?

Can’t seem to find the surf board in Pokemon Sapphire? Check out our guide on where to find it!

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It is necessary to have the Surf Board in order to obtain some Pokémon, as well as to access certain areas that are otherwise inaccessible. In order to get the Surf Board, the player must first go to Mossdeep City and speak to Mr. Briney, who lives in a house by the sea. Mr. Briney will give the player the Surf Board if they have saved his Wingull, Peeko, from being attacked by a Sharpedo earlier in the game.

The Surf Board in Pokemon Sapphire

To get the Surf Board in Pokemon Sapphire, you must first beat the Elite Four and then talk to the man in Slateport City who is standing near the water. He will give you the Surf Board.

How to Get the Surf Board in Pokemon Sapphire

In order to get the Surf Board, you first need to beat the game. After you have beaten the game, you will be able to go to the Boondox Bayou.

By Finding It in the Game

You can get the surf board in Pokémon Sapphire by finding it in the game. It is located in the same place as in Pokémon Ruby, which is at the entrance to Slateport City. When you enter Slateport City from Route 109, go north until you reach the water. Surf east and you will see a small island with a treasure chest on it. Open the chest to get the surf board.

By Buying It

You can get the Surf Board in Pokemon Sapphire by buying it from the Slateport Market for 10,000.


Assuming you are playing the original Pokemon Sapphire, you can get the surfboard by completing the following steps:

1. Go to Mauville City and talk to the guy in the glasses inside the game corner.
2. He will give you a coupon for a free stay at the Wyndon Hotel.
3. Go to the Wyndon Hotel and talk to the receptionist.
4. She will give you a key for room 6.
5. Go to room 6 and open the door with your key.
6. Inside, you will find a surfboard.

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